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Shoulders like boulders. 

There are quite a few different exercises you can do to target the shoulders from deltoid raises to the traditional shoulder press. I used to use the shoulder press machine but have switched to free weights and use a barbell now. It’s down to personal preference but I feel with free weighs you get more flexibility in your movement and it’s more of a natural movement.
For shoulders I use a 15kg barbell and start with upright rows, for which I do three sets of ten reps. I then do shoulder presses also for three sets of ten. I do these as part of a full body workout but if you wanted to work your shoulders more then you could do more shoulder isolation work.


3 thoughts on “Shoulders like boulders. 

  1. I enjoy working my shoulder muscles, although it doesn’t take much for my delts to feel it! no matter the type of exercise. I like free weights as well, but machines are useful as well depending on what someone wants to work on and make priority. Lately I have been doing some delt exercises on upperbody day that leave my delts feeling the soreness for a few days! lol



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