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Get a pump from body pump. 

My favourite exercise class has got to be Les Mills Body Pump. It’s a barbell class that uses the rep effect so high reps and lower weights to give yourself a full body workout. It includes cardio too! 

The classes I go to are 45 minutes or an hour long, the shorter one misses out two tracks so misses two muscle groups (either biceps and triceps or lunges and shoulders)  but still gives you a proper workout. 

It’s also a great way to start weight training and learn the moves if you’ve never tried it before and want to start! 

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I heart oats. 

I pretty much eat oats everyday for breakfast and never get bored of it. Definitely one of my fav foods! 

Some people might find it boring eating the same thing everyday but there are so many different ways of eating it. My favourite is adding courgette (or zucchini) to make zoats and then adding protein powder to make protein zoats. 

This mornings oats was with unflavoured protein powder and a teaspoon of honey stirred in and then topped with sliced banana. 

The perfect start to the day! 

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New squat PR. 

So today I managed to squat 62.5kg which is my new best! I only managed 4 reps but this was after building up from 50kg so was feeling the fatigue.

I did 50kg for 10 reps, 55kg for 10 reps, 60kg for two sets of 5 reps then the 62.5kg for 4.

That was only a small part of my workout today as I did my usual full body then finished off with some sprints. 

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Prep meal: Thai Green Curry. 


One of my favourite dishes to cook is Thai green curry and it is so simple to do. It varies in calories depending on the ingredients you choose. I used white rice here, shock horror I know! But I do prefer to use brown rice. I cooked this in bulk so made about 5 portions to freeze but I’ll give the ingredients per portion. 


1 chicken breast 

Tspn olive oil 

Half a red pepper

50g green beans 

Half a red onion 

Full fat coconut milk (can use reduced fat instead) 

Thai green curry paste (if you want to be more adventurous you could make this yourself but I used a shop bought one. I used one packet to make 5 portions).

1cm long piece of ginger (for an extra kick). 

Basmati rice 

Per serving without rice the macros came out as:


13.5g Fat

9.4g Carbs

38.6g Protein 

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Ab update. 

Above is  a cheeky selfie after my gym sesh today, cropped out my face because it was looking a bit red and sweaty for my liking. Below is a glute update from 2 weeks ago. 

I’m quite pleased with my body’s progress so far. My abs are more toned and my booty is much more sculpted as with my thighs. This is evidence that women do not get big and bulky when lifting weights. I weight train three times a week and definitely do not look bulky. 

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Love a trek. 

I started occasionally snacking on trek flapjacks and energy bars about a year ago and haven’t stopped since. They taste so good and are suitable for vegans and are gluten free too! The cocoa coconut protein flapjack is definitely my favourite! 

The macros are:

234 kcal

12.6g Fat

20.3g Carbs

9g Protein 

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Exercise of the month: Weighted crunch. 

I’ve recently added a variation on the weighted crunch into the core part of my full body workout. The move is currently part of a workout class I go to regularly so thought why not add it into my own gym workout. Instead of holding the medicine ball or plate into my chest I keep my arms straight and hold the weight up.

The move involves lying in sit up position and lifting your head and shoulders off the ground whilst holding the plate and pulsing. I either carry it out with a 10kg plate or the heaviest medicine ball I can find so 8 or 9kg.

I like to mix up my core moves but this is definitely my fav at the moment. I also do classic weighted sit ups, russian twists with 8-10kg and body weight toe taps.

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Good fats. 


Had my recommend intake of oily fish for dinner tonight – salmon with mixed veg, cherry tomatoes and cous cous (ignore the crumbled up salmon, maybe a bit overcooked, oops!). 

I would have to say salmon is my favourite oily fish, high in protein and unsaturated fat (the good kind) so great on the nutrition side! 

You’re probably wondering if cous cous is the only carb that I eat, of course it’s not. It’s just been featured in my last two recipes because it’s so easy to prepare and I do have a huge tub of Ainsley Harriot cous cous to use. I promise my next meal idea won’t include cous cous. 

This salmon is just plain, baked with a little olive oil and a few cherry tomatoes. Served with cous cous and easy peasy frozen veg. Frozen veg retains its nutrients so is just as good as fresh and means you have a constant supply of vegetables in the house. 

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Girls should do curls. 


So I hear a lot of females claiming they don’t want to do weight work as will get too bulky. And time and time again it’s been said that females just don’t have the amount of testosterone needed for that, so listen to the words of wisdom and weight train! Weight training can also burn more calories than cardio and aid weight loss if that is your goal.

A lot of females that do weight train only do leg work such as squats as are only concerned about getting a bigger booty, which I’ll admit is something I too am concerned about but it’s important to make sure to train all muscle groups. If you are a lot stronger in one area it can lead to bad posture or worse injury so it’s important to do things such as arm work too. 

For biceps I do curls with two 5kg dumbbells (pictured above) for my usual three sets of ten reps. I have definitely not gotten more bulky but feel I have toned up my biceps.

So girls give curls a try! 

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Make it bounce. 


I tried these little balls of goodness for the first time today as a quick snack between the gym and a uni lecture. I can now say I will be buying again!

They have natural ingredients so are a great healthy nutritious snack. I opted for the cashew and pecan flavour which claims to give a “vitality lift” due to being high in manganese, fibre, monounsaturated fats and vitamin E. I probably should have gone for one of the high protein balls due to consuming it post workout such as the “Peanut Protein Blast” or “Apple and Cinnamon Protein Punch” but I will definitely be trying these in the future.