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Girls should do curls. 


So I hear a lot of females claiming they don’t want to do weight work as will get too bulky. And time and time again it’s been said that females just don’t have the amount of testosterone needed for that, so listen to the words of wisdom and weight train! Weight training can also burn more calories than cardio and aid weight loss if that is your goal.

A lot of females that do weight train only do leg work such as squats as are only concerned about getting a bigger booty, which I’ll admit is something I too am concerned about but it’s important to make sure to train all muscle groups. If you are a lot stronger in one area it can lead to bad posture or worse injury so it’s important to do things such as arm work too. 

For biceps I do curls with two 5kg dumbbells (pictured above) for my usual three sets of ten reps. I have definitely not gotten more bulky but feel I have toned up my biceps.

So girls give curls a try! 


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