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Good fats. 


Had my recommend intake of oily fish for dinner tonight – salmon with mixed veg, cherry tomatoes and cous cous (ignore the crumbled up salmon, maybe a bit overcooked, oops!). 

I would have to say salmon is my favourite oily fish, high in protein and unsaturated fat (the good kind) so great on the nutrition side! 

You’re probably wondering if cous cous is the only carb that I eat, of course it’s not. It’s just been featured in my last two recipes because it’s so easy to prepare and I do have a huge tub of Ainsley Harriot cous cous to use. I promise my next meal idea won’t include cous cous. 

This salmon is just plain, baked with a little olive oil and a few cherry tomatoes. Served with cous cous and easy peasy frozen veg. Frozen veg retains its nutrients so is just as good as fresh and means you have a constant supply of vegetables in the house. 


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