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Prep meal: Thai Green Curry. 


One of my favourite dishes to cook is Thai green curry and it is so simple to do. It varies in calories depending on the ingredients you choose. I used white rice here, shock horror I know! But I do prefer to use brown rice. I cooked this in bulk so made about 5 portions to freeze but I’ll give the ingredients per portion. 


1 chicken breast 

Tspn olive oil 

Half a red pepper

50g green beans 

Half a red onion 

Full fat coconut milk (can use reduced fat instead) 

Thai green curry paste (if you want to be more adventurous you could make this yourself but I used a shop bought one. I used one packet to make 5 portions).

1cm long piece of ginger (for an extra kick). 

Basmati rice 

Per serving without rice the macros came out as:


13.5g Fat

9.4g Carbs

38.6g Protein 


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