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First 5K in six months…

Since it was a sunny day I decided to go for a run this morning. All was going well to start with, then the six months of not running outdoors over winter started to show. I managed 2k then had to take a short twenty second break. I managed just under 5K altogether but yes I’ll admit this did involve a few stops. 

I’ve always had a problem with pacing myself and this could be due to the true sprinter within me since I used to run short distance sprints for an athletics club when I was younger. 

I use the MapMyRun app to time myself and measure the distance I run. It was an average of 4:41min/km today probably due to giving myself lots of breaks and pausing the app when stopping, but I am quite happy with this speed considering its my first 5K in a while. 

Happy Running guys! 


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