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Home Workout. 

Here’s the workout I am doing quite often at the moment due to the gym being a half an hours walk away after a long day on placement. 

I do a mixture of dumb bell weighted exercises and just body weight exercises. I usually pick and choose different exercises but here’s what I did tonight (yes I know it is very leg based but I can’t get enough of leg work!):

Light jog on the spot for one minute. 

3x 30 seconds of burpees

3×30 seconds squat jumps

2×10 dumb bell weighted squats

10x dumb bell weighted squat holds for 20 seconds 

10 dumb bell curls

10 tricep pull backs 

10 dumb bell seated rows 

10 dumb bell bent over rows 

10 body weighted donkey kicks on each leg

10 press ups

10 dumb bell weighted sit ups

3 planks for as long as you can hold.


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