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Fast Paced Workout Playlist.


I’ve always found it quite funny that the songs that get me motivated to exercise are also songs I like to rave to at the weekend.

These are the songs I am loving at the moment to do any fast paced exercise too so mostly cardio like running and HIIT sessions. I tend to use similar songs for lifting weights but sometimes feel some slower paced dance music, or going with my true love deep down of indie music suits it better.

There’s nothing like the right beat to keep you paced when running, or getting you to push the pace up when that beat drops! I especially find this when running on the treadmill, if the music gets faster paced then I’ll put up the speed  on the treadmill and keep in time with whatever track I’m listening too

Each individual is different though some people may prefer to run outside and just be surrounded by the sound of nature. It’s up to you but I for one really feel that music helps me get through my workouts. 


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