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My fav YouTube workouts. 

When on placement as part of my uni course I had a new found love for home HIIT workouts. This was mainly due to the nearest gym being quite a trek away and also quite often having little motivation to go out to the gym again after a long day working.

I came across the quick “Wake up and GO HIIT Workout” (although I did it in the evenings) from first and really enjoyed it. I will warn you it does make you sweat a lot! After doing this video a few times I decided to try a lower body workout which also made me sweat quite a bit and really worked those glutes and quadriceps. I would highly recommend this channel for workouts due to the diverse range of workouts available to try!

A friend then told me to try some of Joe Wicks/ The Body Coach’s workouts. I tried the leg and bum workout and boy was it a killer. I totally loved it though and really felt it worked my lower body. Another channel I would highly recommend for home workouts!

I often hear people saying that home workouts aren’t as beneficial for your fitness as actually going to the gym or playing sport, but I think it’s all about how much you push your body during these home workouts. If you are breaking up a sweat and are out of breath by the end it’s a sign you’ve worked hard and burned those calories! 


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