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My thoughts on staying healthy when travelling.

I’ve just come back from an amazing city break to Berlin. (You can just see me in the photo above in front of the Brandenburg gate). First of all I have to say you all need to visit this fantastic city! It has so much to see with its involvement in many events in history and brilliant night life.

Anyway this post is not a tourist review but gives my opinion on “healthy living” whilst travelling.

I was definitely no near as strict as I normally am with ensuring I was getting my five a day or making healthier meal choices. My motto is that if you’re on holiday you may as well take advantage and eat what you want. Personally I try and eat at least three portions of fruit and veg and get a reasonable amount of fibre (e.g. choosing brown bread instead of white and eating some fruit and veg) but apart from that I eat what I want.

When it comes to exercising whilst away, city breaks are great for cardio. We averaged at around 20,000 steps each day by just enjoying the sights that the city had to offer. It makes you feel a little less guilty for not eating too healthily!

When I get home from being away I do however try and eat healthier and ensure I get back into my exercise routine as soon as possible. I often weigh myself when I get back too just to see what I need to do (if anything) to get to my pre-holiday weight.

A few helpful tips to stay healthy when away:

  1. Keep hydrated – especially in a hot country it’s important to carry water with you or continuously buy water from shops/ cafes every few hours.
  2. Take protein bars – if you are concerned you won’t be eating enough protein whilst away take some quest bars for example to ensure you do.
  3. Take high fibre cereal bars – if getting enough fibre to keep that gut healthy is more your concern then pack some higher fibre cereal bars in your suitcase or even dried prunes.
  4. Buy fruit to have when you wake up in the morning – We stayed in a youth hostel in Berlin so often bought a banana or peach etc to have first thing in the morning so that was at least one portion of fruit out of the way.
  5. Walk instead of public transport – for one its cheaper and secondly it burns calories. If your destination is only a short walk then try and go by foot.
  6. Don’t be too strict – if you are still trying to be healthy and not eat too much junk don’t deprive yourself of the local treats completely. You are on holiday after all!

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