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A yummy snack.

Like many people I am a peanut butter nutter. Yes I absolutely love the stuff so when I come across anything peanut butter flavoured I get really excited, sad I know!

One of my fav combos on toast after peanut butter and jam is peanut butter and banana, which I enjoyed as a snack this morning. 

Simply toast a slice of bread of your choice (wholemeal is best). Spread on some peanut butter and slice a banana on top. Delicious.

My favourite peanut butter has to be Whole Earth, I have failed to find a brand that tastes as good. It’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians and contains palm oil from a sustainable source.

Macros for this snack (approx):


40g CHO

5g Fat

8g Protein

These will change with the amount of peanut butter used, type of bread and size of banana. 


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