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My healthy lunch. 

We’ve all heard it many times “salad is boring” or described as “rabbit food” which can be true on certain occasions that’s why you need to be adventurous when creating salads.

The salad I had for lunch consisted of mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, half an avacado, quarter of a salmon fillet, around 30g of chicken and topped with heart healthy olive oil. Now I would say that you can make them even more exciting than this by using nuts and/or fruit such as pomegranate or cranberries etc. 

I always have bread with my salads to give that proper balance of macros and get some more carbs in. As long as you have lots of veggies of your choice, a source of protein e.g. salmon, chicken, tuna, ham etc, a healthy dressing and a source of carbs such as rice, cous cous or bread then you’re on to a winner! 

If you are aiming for weight loss however, you are better without the extra carbs just to keep the calories down. 

For dessert I had sliced apple with peanut butter. I feel this combination goes so well and makes a simple apple that bit more exciting. 

Simply slice up a medium apple and add a loaded teaspoon of peanut butter. As mentioned in another post I always go for “whole earth” smooth peanut butter, it tastes the best to me! 

Macros for my lunch: 


CHO:  49g

Fat: 30g

Protein: 23g


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