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Mozzarella and tomato, a healthy italian inspired starter to share. 

Having just come back from Rome and the Amalfi coast, I can’t get enough of mozzarella at the moment!

You think you know Italian food until you visit the country of Italy itself! Pizza, pasta, ice cream you name it, it’s ten times more delicious over there even if you thought it couldn’t get any better. I think I ate my body weight in pasta that’s why the healthy routine has started as soon as I arrived home.

One thing I did love having as a starter that was semi healthy was mozzarella, tomato and basil! Although the portion sizes I was receiving were probably enough for three people! You’ve got to treat yourself when on holiday though. Anyway I thought I’d try making it myself since it seemed so simple, and boy it is. Although the tomatoes just don’t seem to be as juicy in the UK compared with Italia and the mozzarella not as firm. It still tastes great though!

Simply take a ball of mozzarella and slice up. Take two beef tomatoes and also slice these up. Arrange them by overlapping the slices of each and alternating tomato and mozzarella slices. Add basil leaves between for flavour and drizzle olive oil over. Yum!


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