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A slightly lazy weekend. 

So this weekend was quite an inactive one compared to my usual weekends. Although it was due to celebrating a fantastic family wedding, congratulations Katy and Olly! 

I was away from Friday to Monday so had little time for my usual exercise routine and of course ate quite unhealthy some (okay most) of the weekend. When I arrived on Friday night after a long car journey I carried out my own HIIT session in the house, similar to exercises in my last post. Yesterday we had a family barbecue and went for a short walk up a hill near Loch Lomond which gave the most gorgeous view pictured above!  

That was pretty much all of my exercise for the weekend except for of course  a boogie on the dance floor at the wedding, and my best attempt to follow the moves in the ceilidh! 

As soon as I got home today I did another similar HIIT workout. I feel HIIT workouts are just great if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands! They get your heart rate up quickly for a short period of time so are also very effective for improving fitness level. 

And that has been it for this weekend so I’m determined to be very active this week, burn off all that cake eaten and get back into healthy eating habits! 


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