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Delicious healthy fats lunch. 

I couldn’t wait for my lunch break at work today to eat this yummy sandwich! It was made from seeded wholemeal bread, half a mashed avacado, half a salmon fillet and sliced tomato. Yum! 

It’s full of healthy fats, omega 3 polyunsaturated fats from the salmon and monounsaturated fats from the avacado. These are great for heart health, bone health and brain health so are hugely beneficial for the body. 

These types of fats are often described as “good fats”. Where as saturated fat is often described as “bad” meaning it is still okay to have, just in moderation! This is the type found in butter, cheese and cream. 

Fat is an essential nutrient needed in the body to keep us warm and our bodily functions occurring healthily. Without fat, there would be very poor absorption of the fat soluble vitamins which we need to stay healthy! 


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