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Exercise of the month: squat jumps.


Another body weight exercise this month. I frequently incorporate this exercise into my HIIT workouts. It is now one of my fav HIIT exercises!

They work the legs especially the glutes like a normal squat (can you see the running theme of glute isolation exercises in my posts? Yes I admit it I love exercises that work the booty), but also get the heart racing as the jump adds cardio into the move.

The pictures above show how to carry out the move successfully. So you are aiming to crouch down into a squat position and get as low as you can (bum about knee level), then swing the arms back to power your jump, aiming to get the jump as high as you can! Ensure your heels are firmly planted into the ground to aid stability and help power that big jump.

I usually carry out squat jumps as part of a sequence of other moves and will do as many as I can in 30 seconds with a 10 second rest and then moving on to the next exercise for the same time period.

Enjoy trying out this exercise!


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