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Today’s leg and back workout.


I’m on placement again just now but this time the gym is just across the road from where I’m living! Yay!

I’ve decided to split my gym days up a bit to see what the results are. I am planning to do legs and back day and shoulders and arms day. The third day will be more of a full body workout. In between days I will do HIIT and outdoor running as cardio. I will also do core and incorporate some chest isolation moves into the HIIT. One or two days will be rest days depending on how I feel on that particular week.

Today was legs and back day which consisted of some of my old favourite exercises and also some new ones that I’ve never tried before!

Up first was squats of course! I started with just the bar and worked up to 47.5kg (5 sets of 10 reps). Then was static lunges holding a 10kg plate (3×10), romanian deadlifts with the Olympic bar (3×10), pull throughs (3×10) (set up in image below), face pulls (3×10) (yes I know this mainly dominates the shoulders but also works the back) and lastly donkey kicks (2×10 each leg).

Pull throughs and face pulls were the new moves I tried. They are very popular with you-tubers I watch and I now see why. I will definitely be trying these moves again!



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