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Arms and shoulder workout.


Today’s workout was arms and shoulders. I have to be honest it felt weird for me not to be doing any leg work but probably did the legs some good getting a rest!

I started with upfront rows with the olympic bar, then overhead shoulder press again with the olympic bar.I then did overhead tricep extensions with a 5kg plate, side raises with 4kg dumbbells, tricep pull downs on the machine set at 10kg, bicep curls with 6kg dumbbells. To finish I did overhead dumbbell press again with 6kg dumbbells, tricep kickbacks with a 5kg dummbell and press ups. All were 3 sets of 10reps. I’m hoping the longer I do split workout days the quicker I will be able to increase the weight.

After the gym and food (of course!), I went on a cycle exploring the area I’m staying in for placement. It ended up being a 7km cycle so my whole body including my legs are suffering now.  I guess in a way it did end up being a full body workout altogether but a great mix of weights and cardio!


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