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Let’s get nakd.


So if any of you watched the Great British Bake Off last night you will know they made bakewell tarts. After watching I was really craving a bakewell tart so I went for the next best thing the Nakd bar in Bakewell Tart flavour.

There is no kidding when people say this tastes like a real bakewell tart because oh boy it does and is definitely my favourite Nakd bar flavour!

I’m sure you have all heard of the Nakd bar range because you can find them everywhere now. Supermarkets and convenience stores to some clothes shops even sell them now. The ingredients are all natural and just consist of dates, cashews and raisins and some natural flavouring. Their website reports that all flavourings are from spices and extracts form natural ingredients like fruit.

I urge you all to try this one even if you have tried other flavours and they haven’t won you over give this one a go!

Macros per bar:


5.9g Fat (1.2g saturated)

17.g CHO

2.6g Protein


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