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2 Chocolate Energy ball recipes.


When you have a free Saturday afternoon with nothing much to do, what’s the best thing to fill your time? Experimenting with baking of course! (well in this case it’s no bake recipes).

There are so many recipe ideas for energy balls all over the web. I tend to use recipes I find and adapt them if the ingredients are difficult to find or expensive (student life and all). That’s exactly what I did with these two energy ball recipes!

The first (to the top right of the plate) are brazil nut protein energy balls and the other is sunflower seed peanut energy balls. A food processor is the best thing to use to make these as fine food particles are created easily. I used my Breville VBL062 Blend-Active Blender which actually worked well!

  1. Brazil nut protein energy balls

Makes 5.


35g Brazil nuts

40g Dates

25g Cocoa powder

2 tspns vanilla essence

1 scoop (25g) unflavoured protein powder

Around 2 tbspns water (depends on dryness)

Firstly blend the brazil nuts until a very fine consistency remains almost like flour. Then add the dates and blend again. Add the cocoa powder and vanilla essence and blend. Finally add the whey protein and 1 tbspn water and blend. Transfer the mixture to a bowl and if too dry add up to 1 tbspn water until the mixture is easy to roll into balls in your hand.

Macros (per ball):


5.8g Fat (1.9g saturated)

7.7g CHO

6.3g Protein

2.Sunflower seed peanut energy balls

Makes 8


50g Oats

60g peanut butter

50g Honey

1tspn vanilla extract

35g sunflower seeds

25g cocoa powder

Blend the oats to begin with again until a fine flour like consistency is produced. Add the other ingredients and blend again. It doesn’t matter which order the ingredients are put in. Again then transfer to a bowl and roll into balls.

Macros (per ball):


6.2g Fat (0.6g saturated)

14.8g CHO

4.6g Protein





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