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Exercise of the month: Face Pulls.


A weighted exercise this month and one of my new faves to do at the gym!

I did try and get some footage of myself carrying out the exercise to demonstrate how it’s done but unfortunately the camera wasn’t at the best angle, and you couldn’t really see the upper half of my body which is kind of needed for this move. Note to self get better  at camera angles!

Anyway this is a great move for an upper body workout to isolate the shoulders and the upper/middle back. Simply step back from the machine and grab hold of the end of the ropes (shown in the picture above). Set your feet around shoulder width apart and bend the legs slightly. Pull the rope back until almost at your face and your hands are almost at your shoulders then lengthen your arms and repeat.

The ropes can be pulled slightly higher above your head or at head level, it’s a matter of personal preference and what muscles you are aiming to work.

One thing I have discovered is that the gym I currently go to only has one set of ropes which can make carrying out this exercise difficult if I’ve planned it into my routine and someone else is using them. So a word of advice if you are in the same boat: Grab them when you can!


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