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An easy healthy meal: Fajita chicken.

As a student I love cooking but on week nights what I love even better is quick healthy food! I always come home starving especially right now whilst I’m on placement and want something that will be ready quickly and I can eat asap.You may have noticed this has been a running theme in the meals I’ve posted on my blog. If any of you are students and want quick cheap healthy meal ideas then I am happy to help.

One of my favourite foods is definitely chicken. I could eat it almost every night as you can be so diverse when cooking which chicken. This was an easy dinner though which chicken and fajita spice. Fajitas are just great, I’ve done a blog post on how I make my fajitas which you should go and check out!

For this meal I chopped up onion, courgette and peppers, cooked chicken in some sunflower oil then added the vegetables and around a teaspoon of fajita seasoning. It was yum! To mix it up a bit and because I didn’t buy any wraps I served with brown rice. Using rice kept the calories down too as I usually have two wraps which are not the lowest in calories. Saving around 190kcal!

Macros for this meal:


8g Fat (1g saturated)

54g CHO

32g Protein


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