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My new found porridge recipe.


Porridge, oats whatever you want to call it, it features a lot on my blog. It is defintely my go to breakfast most days.

I usually go for pro oats (porridge with a scoop of whey protein) topped with banana. But today I decided to up the fruit content by adding some frozen berries. Simply add a small handful of frozen berries to the oats and milk and put in the microwave. Heat up and stir until you get this cool purple coloured porridge. Then add a scoop of whey protein. Vanilla or unflavoured whey is probably the best to use so you don’t end up with a strange flavour.

I find just eating the porridge like this a bit sour so added a bit of honey. Was delicious!

Still the same breakfast I have most days of porridge but mixed up a bit!


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