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Sunday brunch.


I met up with my parents in Edinburgh over the weekend and had a great time! It involved a lot of food, drink and importantly walking to burn some of the calories off.

On Sunday we went to a lovely Italian deli and cafe for breakfast. I went for my classic choice of smoked salmon and eggs. It was served with a sourdough style toasted bread. The portion was huge so did me breakfast and almost lunch too. But was so yummy.Full of good fats (and some saturated but you’ve got to get the balance).

I had a flat white on the side to fulfill my much needed caffeine requirement in the morning.

After breakfast we walked around the old and new town and managed to achieve a mega 21000 steps without meaning too. If you are aiming for a step goal, be a tourist and walk round a city for a day. You’ll manage it without even feeling like your putting in much effort I promise you.

Hope you all had a good weekend too!


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