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Exercise of the month: Curtsy lunge


This months exercise is a weighted exercise you can do at home if you have dumb bells (or filled water bottles), or in the gym. I have posted it slightly early as this is for November but the next few weeks will be pretty busy for me. They can be carried out with just body weight also, having your hand on your hips whilst doing it this way will help with balance and posture.

I did my best to capture myself carrying out the move although maybe still not the best demonstration but you get the idea. With regards to my body, it’s not carrying as much muscle mass as I’d like at the moment. I know I’m carrying more fat in the stomach region but uni placement has taken over a bit and I am going to the gym a lot less. I am happy with the way my body is just now and that is the important thing.

Anyway back to the exercise. This exercise is great for mainly the quadriceps but also other leg muscles such as the glutes.

Hold dumb bells or a plate into your chest and stand with feet just outside your hips in set stance. Then bring one leg diagonally behind you like you are curtsying (well actually this is exactly what you are doing) and then bring back up to set stance. Repeat on the other leg.

Try and go for 10-12 reps on each leg for around 3 sets.

Have fun trying this exercise out!


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