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A healthy lunch for a balanced day.


This was my delicious lunch on Saturday. I was meant to post this much earlier but what can I say placement took over a bit this week.

This weekend was all about balancing my eating. I knew I would be eating out on Saturday night and was going to treat myself to something not so dense in micronutrients. For that reason I decided to fill my lunch up with veggies and a lower fat source of protein to ensure I was still getting the healthy balance.

I simply toasted two slices of wholemeal seeded bread. Topped this with wilted spinach and grated courgette, then added cottage cheese. I served this with cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices.

I would strongly recommend a meal like this if you know you are eating out in the evening. Not every meal has to have the exact same carbohydrate fat and protein content. It’s more about looking at your day as a whole and balancing what you do eat. I am not the biggest fan of just having a salad  at lunchtime due to the low carbohydrate content and the fact that I’m not looking to for weight loss. I do find a salad good however in certain situations for example: if I know I will be meeting a friend for coffee and having a sweet treat like a cake or eating out for my evening meal. This way you can get about 3 portions of vegetables in at lunchtime and not have to worry about treating yourself later on.

If you are someone like me with sweet tooth who enjoys a weekend treat, I hope you find this helpful!


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