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A healthy meal made from leftovers.


I’m coming to the end of my university placement now so most of my meals from now on will be whatever is left in my freezer, fridge and cupboards.

Of course frozen mixed veg is included in this meal. They are an absolute must have! They are great if you forget to buy fresh vegetables (or run out of them like in my case). They also do not involve any preparation with regards to chopping and washing. I added a bit of baby spinach for extra veg. My carbohydrate base was rice because I bought loads of the stuff when I first moved in and will definitely have more leftover. My protein source was smoked haddock. I feel that white fish is so underrated, oily fish gets all the attention because of it being rich in omega 3 (good fats). But white fish is also a great source of nutrients.It is rich in calcium, B vitamins and vitamin E. A balanced diet should include both white and oily fish.

I cooked the rice and vegetables then added a bit of paprika and mixed herbs for flavour. I oven baked the haddock in foil with a bit of sunflower oil and dried basil, then simply placed on top of the rice and veg .

This meal is so simple and takes minimal effort, a perfect student meal!


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