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Full body workout.


Today was my only time at the gym this week. Shocking I know but I’ve just not had time to go during the week due to the tiredness my university placement brings, the cold weather doesn’t help either. I have made sure I have done HIIT or home weighted workouts every night though. I feel exercise is a great way to de-stress. Once you get the endorphin’s going you forget that you even felt stressed.

So today’s workout is definitely one you need time on your hands for. If I was doing an isolated gym session such as legs or back I would take about 20-30 minutes less than I did today. It was great though to work every body part and be able to take my time with each exercise.

Here’s a run down of my routine:

Squats – Just the bar (20kg) for 10 reps, 40kg for 10 reps, 50kg for 2 sets of 8 reps then back down to 40kg for 10 reps

Straight legged deadlifts – 30kg for 3x 10 reps

Upright rows – 20kg for 3x 10 reps

Overhead press – 20kg for 3x 10 reps

Curtsy lunges – holding a 10kg plate for 10 reps on each leg

Bicep curls – 5kg for 3x 10 reps

Tricep pull downs with ropes (set up pictured above) – 10kg for 3x 10 reps

Face pulls – 12.5kg for 3x 10 reps

2 1 minute planks

I finished with some static stretching to cool the muscles down. I would say I was in the gym for about an hour and a half so definitely not a short session. I am already feeling my back and shoulders so wish me luck for tomorrow. I guess as the saying goes “no pain no gain” though!



5 thoughts on “Full body workout.

  1. Nice workout! I’m loving planks lately :)) I guess bc im so busy with school its easy to just bust one out real quick lol. I’m doing a plank challenge soon if you’re interested in joining! Just doing it to keep myself accountable really lol :))

    So when you do hiit at home, is it a workout video or you make it up?


  2. This is where I need to come when I want workout ideas and steal them from you! lmfao! hahaah. jk. if I ever use your workout I will always mention your blog in my post so people know XD



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