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Pret is my favourite. 

If I get the choice of where to eat for lunch when out, I will most definitely choose Pret A Manger (that’s if there is one in the area of course!) I love the diversity of their choice of products and you can always find something healthy. They also have lots of high protein options such as the “egg and spinach protein pot” great for fitness fanatics like me! 

On Sunday whilst doing some Christmas shopping in Edinburgh I popped in for lunch. As sad as this sounds, I was glad I was on my own because the place was so busy and I managed to grab the only seat by the window. Because it was the weekend and I was in a Christmassy mood I decided to treat myself and opt for something that wasn’t the most healthy. I went for the classic super club sandwich, chocolate corn cakes (I had two with lunch and saved one for later) and of course an Americano with milk. I can never resist caffeine! 

Pret do have their popular Christmas menu at the moment but I have to say I’m not a fan of cranberry sauce or stuffing which most of the choices had in them. I am also “boring” with coffee and just like a plain Americano. Some of these special coffees can also be misleading and contain very high quantities of sugar. 

Although this lunch wasn’t the most balanced I did have a healthy breakfast and my morning snack consisted of fruit. It’s all about the weekly balance though and being able to have the occasssional treat. Over the festive season it can be very difficult to be healthy all the time which is perfectly fine. As long as you keep up the exercise and get back on track in January! 


3 thoughts on “Pret is my favourite. 

  1. I’m boring with my coffee too Lol but I have never tried an Americano with milk. I might like it though bc i don’t like a lot of sweetness esp in a cup of coffee. I usually just do half and half with cinnamon :))


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