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Exercise of the month: Squat pyramid.

As part of my leg and back workout yesterday I started with a squat pyramid. This is basically when you increase the weight to a certain amount then decrease it back down to your starting weight. For example I started with 20kg then did 40kg, then 50kg, then went back to 40kg then 20kg. The idea is to do fewer reps on the higher weight and more on the lighter weight, however I did the same number of reps for each weight except the 50kg which I struggled with a bit. 

I find that reducing the weight after going high allows you to do more sets, as you don’t give up when the weight gets too heavy. You are therefore working the muscles slightly harder. 

My squat max is quite a lot less than its previously been due to having an irregular training pattern. It just shows that you’ve got to keep the work up regularly to maintain strength! I’m looking forward to having a more regular gym regime now I’m back home from my placement! 


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