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Chocolate peanut energy balls. 

Experimenting with ingredients to make energy balls is one of my favourite things to do. Chocolate and nut butter are two of my favourite foods, so I thought why not combine these flavours to make delicious balls of goodness? 

I’m living at home now after my uni placement for Christmas and put these in the fridge yesterday morning after making them. I went back to eat one this morning to find that 5 of the balls had been demolished by my family. It shows they must be tasty! 

To make these you’ll need:

50g oats

125g dates

20g cocoa powder 

20g smooth peanut butter 

2tbspns water 

I used my usual Breville VBL062 Blend-Active Blender and pretty much shoved all the ingredients in and blended them up. I started with the oats and dates to make sure they were in the finest small pieces then added the other ingredients. Once everything is blended put the mixture into a bowl and mix with your hands. I’ll warm you this does get quite messy! Then form 9 balls of equal size and enjoy! 

Average macros per ball:


2.1g Fat (trace of saturated)

14.4g CHO

2.5g Protein 


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