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Interval runs. 

On Sunday I raked out the old running shoes and away I went running. I tend not to run outside in winter as much due to the cold air hurting my lungs (hence why I’ve not been out in 4 months). But the gym was just too much of an effort to get to and I was in desperate need of a workout after starting to indulge in festive foods.

I started off quite fast as usual and lasted 2K before having to stop and walk. I then started to run again but again ran too fast and had to stop shortly after. My 5K run as usual turned into interval runs. However this works best for me and really gets that heart rate up and sweat pouring. 

Interval runs have the same affect as HIIT training as you are effectively working hard for a short period of time then rest for a short period of time before doing the high intensity short interval again. The rest periods train your body to recover quickly before exercising again. Research evidence shows that interval training is just as effective, if not more effective than moderate activity over a long period.

So if you’re like me and struggle to pace long distance running try interval running. It helps improve fitness level so you should be able to run longer distances in the long run!


One thought on “Interval runs. 

  1. I personally enjoy interval runs, since you make the intervals as short or long as you wish (making sure it makes sense of course) but it targets the heart rate and warms the body up nicely.



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