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A belated Merry Christmas.


I hope you all had a great Christmas with lots of tasty food and chill time with friends and family! There’s a cheesy pic of me on Christmas Day.

Due to it being the festive season, it’s been over a week since I’ve done any form of intense exercise. I have done a lot of low intensity exercise in the form walking when working (averaging at 11 000 steps a day and I’ve been working most days due to the busy festive period) so I guess it’s better than no exercise at all.

Socialising over the festive season has taken over and not having a gym membership at the moment hasn’t helped either. For this reason however I am going to start afresh in 2017, and get back into my regular fitness regime. I’ll be back at uni in January meaning the gym will be very easily accessible and it will be a great way to destress. I am excited to get back into Les Mills Bodypump again too.

Take this post as advice that it’s perfectly fine to overindulge slightly and exercise less over the festive season, as long as you get back into regular training and healthy eating in the new year. Setting fitness goals for the new year just now can be a great way to ensure you will definitely be motivated to get back into routine. Try not to make this January one of those years that you exercise lots at the beginning of the year and it then fizzles out as we get into February. Find something that really motivates you to exercise such as going along to the gym with a friend or trying a new class. It may seem a strain to begin with me but trust me exercise can be loads of fun!


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