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Batch meal prep: Thai Green Curry

Happy New Year everyone! I was so cliched in that the first thing I did on 1st January was buy my gym membership. Cannot wait to get back into the fitness routine tomorrow when the gym opens again.

Anyway today I started my meal prep for this semester, and as always I started with one of my favs Thai green curry. Meal prep is one of the first things I’d recommend anyone who leads a busy life and  finds it difficult to find time to eat healthily. Try and make as many meals as you can that will fit into your freezer and then all you have to do is cook the carb (rice/pasta/potato etc), defrost the meal and blitz it in the microwave until it is steaming hot when you get home from a busy day. Even if you choose one day a month where you prep meals for the freezer for that month, it makes week day evenings so much easier!

I made five portions of Thai green curry this afternoon which are now cooling and awaiting entry to the freezer.

What you need:

15ml cooking oil of your choice (I used sunflower oil)

500g chicken breast

1 red onion

1 red pepper

200g trimmed green beans

Ginger (the mass depends on how gingery you like your curries!)

400ml Coconut milk (can go low fat if you want to save calories)

100g Thai green curry paste

Start by browning the chicken in the oil, add the chopped ginger and curry paste. Then add all the veggies. You may want to microwave the green beans for a bit before adding to the pan as they can take a while to soften. Finally add the coconut milk until it comes to the boil. Next portion into freezer bags and let them cool before placing in the freezer.

To serve up, defrost by leaving the bag out of the freezer overnight and putting the bag in the fridge in the morning. Then at night simply cook your rice and place the curry into a microwavable dish and heat for around 3 minutes (may differ depending on wattage).

Macros (without rice):

335 kcal

10g CHO

22g Fat

24g Protein


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