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First gym workout of 2017: legs.


I was back doing what I love today: a gym session! And even more a leg session. My first gym session of 2017 was a pretty good one despite my decrease in strength when it comes to squatting, sad times! But I’ll be back up to my old squat max in no time with a regular gym routine. I wore my new Nike Flex Trainer 6’s too which I’ll do a blog post on soon. They are flatter than my other trainers which are more designed for running, so these are much better for weight lifting especially big compound movements like squats. The additions of some new machines to the gym was a great surprise too – more cable machines which I used for pull throughs.

My plan is to have an upper body day, lower body day and then whatever I feel like for the final day, maybe even a cardio day! I’ll try and do HIIT sessions between and have rest days. It will all depend on how busy uni gets with the honours project etc.

Today’s session consisted of:

A squat pyramid from bar weight up to 50kg then back down

3 x 10 Static lunges with a 10kg plate on each leg

20 Curtsy lunges with a 10kg plate

3 x 10 30kg Russian deadlifts

3 x 10 cable pull throughs set at 11kg

3 x 10 leg press (70kg, 80kg, 80kg)

3 x 10 sit ups with an 8kg medicine ball

2 x 15 ab pulses holding an 8kg medicine ball

5 minute treadmill tun.

I threw in a bit of ab work at the end to make a start at aiming for those more toned abs again after the festive indulgences. The short run was to get that final sweat on but I could feel my legs burning already so did not last long at all. I finished with some stretching, focusing on the legs mostly but also ensuring to stretch out the whole body. You can be working some muscles even if you don’t mean to or know that you are!


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