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Workout 2 of 2017: Upper Body.


Yesterday was upper body workout day, man my shoulders and arms are hurting today. That’s what happens when you take too long off training  over Christmas! I got to use the exciting new cable machine at my gym for face pulls and tricep push downs. I finished with a bit of ab work and again my best attempt at a run. My legs were still pretty sore from lower body day this week, so running wasn’t the easiest but I lasted 10 minutes at a slightly slower pace than I’m used to.

My routine:

Light jog for 5 minutes on the treadmill as a warm up

3 x 10 reps upright rows with a 20kg barbell

3 x 10 overhead press with a 15kg barbell

3 x 10 curls with 6kg dumbbells (pictured above)

2 x 15 side rasies with 3kg dumbbells

3 x 10 Cable tricep push downs at 11.5kg

3 x 10 Face pulls at 12.5kg

2 x 10, 1 x 6 (My arms were burned out by this point!) Overhead tricep pull down holding a 10kg plate

3 x 10 body weight raised press ups using a step

Some sit ups with a 10kg plate etc to finish

Cardio: 10 minute run at 5-5.5mph



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