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Leg day.

Yesterday was my leg workout for the week. I wasn’t sure how well I’d manage it due to still recovering from Les Mills body pump that I did on Sunday. Second day DOMS can be a killer!

Sunday was the first time I’d done body pump in about 4 months so boy did it work me. My weights were down for just about every track but I’m determined to build them up again. Body pump is a great class for those who want to start weight lifting as it teaches you the technique for most compound moves such as squatting, deadlifts and chest press. It involves using weights and cardio and incorporates the rep effect (lower weight for high reps). There is a track for each body part so no muscle group is missed.

My legs were probably still recovering slightly from the class which may have affected my performance but I didn’t do much worse than my leg session the previous week.

My routine consisted of

5 minute warm up treadmill jog

Squat pyramid from bar to 50kg (only managed up to 5 reps on 50kg)

2 x 10 10kg lunges on each leg

1 x 20 10kg pulse lunges on each leg

2 x 20 courtsy lunges holding 10kg plate

3 x 10 stiff legged deadlifts with 30kg barbell

3 x 10 pull throughs set at 12kg

3 x 10 sit ups with 8kg medicine ball

3 x 10 ab pulses with 8kg medicine ball

20 Russian twists with 8kg medicine ball

Stretches to cool down 

Just got to keep with the current routine to increase my strength!

Happy lifting guys!


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