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Nike Flex Trainer 6 Review.

So I got an exciting present for Christmas which was a pair of the Nike Flex Trainer 6’s. My family know me too well. If you buy me anything fitness related I will be very well pleased.

These trainers were on my Christmas list however due to me realising my feet were not best supported when weight training in my other shoes. My other trainers are running trainers designed with a chunky sole to allow the foot to have appropriate cushioning and flexibility when running. Where as the Nike Flex Trainer’s are designed with a flatter sole which means your feet are directing more of a force into the ground rather than into the heel of the shoe at an angle. Basically running trainers are designed to absorb shock  to reduce impact with the ground when moving, but with weight lifting you are better supported the more contact you have with the ground. This is why some people even train bare feet as they have complete contact with the ground and feel their performance is improved. I for one would be more paranoid that I would drop a weight on my foot. And knowing how clumsy I am I probably would!

I have noticed a big difference mostly with squatting as this is the only big compound move I do as part of my routine at the moment. I feel I have more contact with the ground wearing these trainers and can really drive that force from my heels in a more comfortable manner when squatting. They have been designed to “adapts to its demands” and “the forefoot locks the foot down, delivering adaptive, responsive wear that’s essential for swift, sudden movements”. With regards to performance I couldn’t say if they  have allowed me to lift any heavier. I feel that’s something you yourself are responsible for and the right trainers will only help by aiding correct form and technique.

I also love the look of these trainers. I went for black with a rose gold Nike tick which I thought was different but very cool looking! I would recommend these trainers if weight training is your thing! They come with a moderately expensive price tag however so may want to save up the pennies!


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