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Increased squat max and the importance of rest days.


So Thursday was my lower body workout for the week. I worked really hard. So hard in fact that my legs are still hurting now! Was planning on working out today but I think a rest for the legs is well and truly needed!

I haven’t really rested my legs properly after the workout due to having a cheeky night out with the uni girls on Thursday night. If I don’t do it now when I’m a student when can I do it? Student life and all! Anyway yesterday was my usual 8 hour shift at work where I almost did 20 000 steps, so again my poor legs did not get to rest. Today they will get their rest and I’ll be back at the gym tomorrow.

The good news is I managed a new squat weight max for 2017. I am finally getting there and will hopefully be back up to my old max soon. I did 55kg for 3 reps 3 times. I remember the days when I could do 10 reps at 55kg no bother but these things take time and effort.

My full routine was

Squats: 40kg for 10 reps, 50kg for 10, 50kg for 5 and 5, 55kg for 3, 3 and 3

Lunges with 10kg plate – 2 sets of 10 on each leg, then 1 set of 15 pulses on each leg

Curtsy lunges with 10kg plate – 10 on each leg

Pull throughs 3 x 10 at 12.5kg

Leg press – 3 x 10 at 80kg, 85kg and 90kg

Stretches and ab work to finish

I think from this experience it shows how important rest days are. Don’t go and workout if you do not feel fully recovered, doing this may result in injury. Take an extra day even if it goes off your workout plan as muscle recovery is hugely important!


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