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Ab exercises.


Today was my leg workout of the week at the gym. I finished off with some ab work. I love changing up the exercises I do to isolate my abs, as quite frankly people are right they can be boring to work on.

The picture above was taken after I had done one set of sit ups and thrown the plate in front of me desperate for a rest! I usually use a 10 kg plate or the heaviest medicine ball I can find to do any of my ab moves. Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Classic sit ups – this is the move I do most often, holding a 10 kg plate
  2. Russian twists – usually holding a medicine ball. These involve twisting the body so work the obliques. That is where I feel it most anyway!
  3. Planking – I usually go for the classic plank and hold for as long as possible, however there are many variations to the classic plank.
  4. Partial sit up – I do this holding a 10 kg plate. Sit in a sit up position but hold a 10 kg plate up above your head and do a partial sit up holding the plate up.
  5. Knee crunches – I usually do these just body weight
  6. Toe taps – No weight is needed for this one either. Lie on the ground with knees up and feet on the floor. Reach to one side at a time aiming for to touch your toes.

Have fun trying these out!


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