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Chocolate peanut date energy balls.


I was busy in the kitchen yesterday experimenting with energy balls. Those of you who have read my previous blog posts will see I have a bit of an obsession with making energy balls.I have tried a few different types composed of different ingredients but yesterday I tried adding chia seeds into the mix.

Having just bought a large 1kg bag of chia seeds and recently bought a pouch of my fav whey protein – Chocolate peanut butter from My protein – I decided to include these! These are the larger ones pictured on the right. I have posted the almond balls on the left in a post before, so these are the same but with an added teaspoon of chia seeds.

Ingredients (for 6 servings):

80g pitted dates chopped

55g oats

1 tspn sunflower oil

1 tspn chia seeds

1 scoop whey protein

Simply blend up the oats, add the rest of the ingredients then form into balls with your hands.


117 kcal

2g Fat

19g CHO

6g Protein




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