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Post workout cardio. 

I used to do cardio in the form of a 10 minute (or longer) run at the end of every weight workout at the gym. This is not being carried out as often as it should at the moment. I confess cardio is not my favouirure thing to do – oops. As I said in my last post the number of workouts I do cardio really needs to increase.

On Friday I did my longest post- workout run that I’ve done in months, and I actually enjoyed it. Deep down I do really love running I just have to find the motivation to carry it out. 

It may not seem the most impressive run to some of you who run frequently, but I was impressed in myself that I managed to run for so long! I managed 10 minutes at 5.5mph then 1 minute walk as a cool down before stretching. This was after an upperbody workout. When I run on leg days it’s much more of a struggle to reach the 10 minutes. 

From my experience if you are someone that finds it hard to enjoy running, start of slow for a shorter time and work your way up. Also try mixing between treadmill running at the gym and outdoor running to make things more interesting. Treadmill running can get quite boring so I tend to prefer running longer distances outside. When the weather gets better, outdoor running will definitely be on the cards! 


4 thoughts on “Post workout cardio. 

  1. Ellen,
    What is all this cardio, lol. I swear I have been avoiding cardio exercises like the plague and you are the third blog I have read that had cardio, it is starting to haunt me! lol >.< guess this is one way to tell someone that need to do it soon! lol. — ugh..


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