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Upper body workout followed by a cardio attempt.


This weeks upper body workout went a lot better than last week. Although I still have a lot on my plate at the moment regarding my uni workload, I think I used the gym as a way to de-stress and really get those endorphins going. My energy levels have still been pretty poor this week but I’m not letting it get in the way of my gym routine!

I had a poor attempt at a run again after upper body workout but my energy levels were probably to blame for this. I think I will just have to save a day for a workout that is majority cardio to get those fitness levels up.

This week I did the following:

Warm up 5 minute run at 5mph

Upright rows with 20 kg bar (3 x 10)

Overhead press with 15 kg bar (3 x 10)

Overhead tricep extension with 8kg medicine ball (3 x 15)

Face pulls at 15 kg (3 x 12)

Tricep pull downs at 12.5 kg (2 x 10)

Lat pull downs at 25 kg (3 x 10)

Press ups (8 full and 10 on my knees)

8 minute run at 5.5 mph

Stretches to cool down.

I was super happy with how I performed just need to get a little better at running – same old story haha.



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