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My first try at dead lifts.


I finally made the time to give dead lifts a go at the gym and they are great! I have tried a few times with the weighted barbells but have only gone up as far as 30 kg so I went the full effort this time and tried up 50 kg.

I watched a few YouTube videos on technique before trying them out with a higher weight just to ensure my form was correct to help avoid injury. The trick is to ensure your lower back is straight, if you bend here you may strain your back. Bend your knees and reach down for the bar making sure you keep that back straight, then lift the bar and raise until your legs are straight.Drop it back down in a controlled way similar to how you lifted the bar in the first place. Keep that lower back straight at all times! I cannot stress this enough.

I am eager to include dead lifts weekly in one of my workouts at the gym. They work a variety of muscles but mostly the back but also a lot of leg muscles. If you really squeeze the glutes when bringing the bar up you will feel it here!

My tips for doing dead lifts for the first time are to definitely practice form with a low weight such as 20 kg and build up from there. If you do other compound movements such as squats or bench press do not exceed your max for this the first time you try them out. Although with time and effort dead lifts should be your heaviest lift, to avoid injury it is best to start with a low weight.

Hope I have inspired some of you to give dead lifts a go!


2 thoughts on “My first try at dead lifts.

  1. Ellen,
    Hey girl, sorry it has been a while since I stopped by your blog page , but thank you for making time to stop by mine — I always eventually make it here but it takes me a bit more time.

    Deadlifts for the first time? that sounds amazing, I am so happy you researched the form before jumping at them and had a go and they turned out well! definitely a good exercise, best wishes for the rest of your workout weeks ahead 🙂


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