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This week at the gym. 

img_2943-e1515962018212.jpgThis week my gym workouts have taken a slight detour from my usual routines. I still did an upper body and lower body day, just had to change up the excercises a bit.

First of all I went to do legs on Tuesday afternoon but the gym was packed. I thought this was unusual for 3pm but I realised some sports and exercise students were doing some strength and conditioning training. Anyway I wasn’t able to start with my usual exercise of squats but it was good to change up the routine a bit. Here’s what I did:

Stationary squats holding 10 kg plate – 15 reps on each leg x2

Curtsy lunges – 15 reps x2

American deadlifts with 30 kg barbell 3 x 10

Squats – 20 x 30 kg with weighted barbell (not on rack), 10 x 40 kg, 10 x 45 kg

Hip abductors 3 x 10 at 70 kg

Stretches to finish

A shorter and sweeter leg day but actually left me feeeling more sore than usual, perhaps due to working different muscles in some of the exercises.

Today was upper body day and again the gym was pretty busy so I didn’t get a shot on the cable machines, but still managed a good quality but short workout:

5 minute warm up jog

Upright rows 3 x 10 at 20kg

Overhead press 3 x 10 at 15 kg

Overhead tricep extensions 3 x 12 holding 8 kg medicine ball

Press ups on a Reebok step  2 x 15

Sit ups with 8 kg medicine ball 2 x 15

Russian twists with 8 kg medicine ball 2 x 20

Stretches to finish.

Today’s workout was more about listening to my body and just doing any exercise I felt like. My legs were still sore from Tuesday so I avoided any lower body work and stuck to the plan of upper body.

Hope you’ve all had great workouts so far this week!


5 thoughts on “This week at the gym. 

  1. I never realized how difficult upright rows were until I started doing them with heavier weights , I like bentover rows more when using barbell or dumbbells, but enjoy upright rows when using the cable machine (but I do different variations when necessary). I have never used weights during sit ups, is it a little more difficult would you say? we don’t have medicine balls at my gym, so I would have to use a weight plate >.< lol. I love doing standing over head presses, makes me feel all strong and all. hahaha.


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    1. I can imagine! Not sure I’ll go heavier than 20 ever haha. I guess sit ups are difficult with a plate if you aren’t used to it but once you get the hang of them they are fine, I feel using a weight gives better results. You go girl, you are strong!

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      1. You will go heavier than 20, you will get to the point where 20 is too easy! lol. Your inner hulk girl will come out! — and when it does, you will destroy 20 lb hahaha. Yeah, the plate seems harder than the medicine ball, wish my gym had medicine balls because there are so many good exercises with the ball. seriously. Next time we speak about your situps, you will be going 50 reps strong! lol..I can see it now 😀

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