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Leg workout.


Monday was my leg workout this week. I’m still aiming for more of a glute focus (except squats my one true love!). This workout felt really good. I had so much energy on Monday and I forced it all into my workout. I think I’m getting used to the intense workload at uni and still having high quality gym workouts now.

I did the same routine as last week minus the American dead lifts. I feel my technique has greatly improved for glute kick backs using the cable machine. I admit they can be a bit awkward to start with but once you get used tilting from the hip at the right angle and kicking the leg out at the right angle too, they feel so much better. They are actually my favourite exercise just now!

This weeks routine:

Squats at 10 reps per set – bar, 40 kg, 45 kg, 50 kg (for 5 and 7 reps)

Pull throughs at 3 x 12 – 12 kg, 13.75 kg and 13.75 kg

Glute kickbacks at 3 x 12 – 12 kg

Curtsy lunges – 2 x 20 holding 10 kg plate

Glute bridges at 2 x 15 – holding 10 kg plate at hips

Ab exercises and stretches to finish.


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