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Overnight oats. 

Okay maybe not the prettiest picture you’ve ever seen of overnight oats, but in reality this is what it looks like. It tastes delicious and is a great way to have oats for breakfast in summer!

This was made from 50g oats, 100g natural yoghurt mixed and left in the fridge overnight. I then added honey and blueberries the next morning. 

You can add any topping you want, fruit and seeds is perfect. 

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Exercise of the month: Romanian deadlift

This exercise is my fav at the moment. Basically like a regular deadlift but you just bring the barbell to the knees instead of all the way to the ground.

I usually use a 25kg barbell and do 3x 10reps. It works the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings as well as back and arm muscles.

To carry out the exercise successfully aim to bend from the hips keeping the legs straight and also your back as straight as you can.

I’m also so happy that I found a gym just five minutes away to go to whilst on my uni placement!

Happy lifting!

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A typical breakfast for me. 

Pretty much everyday I start the day off with protein zoats. I just never get bored of porridge, as weird as some of you think it may sound.

These zoats were made from 50g oats, 50g courgette grated, 100ml semi skimmed milk heated in a bowl in the microwave. I then added chocolate brownie protein powder from myprotein and put sliced banana on top. Delicious! 

I also have a pint of water, a glass of orange juice and a standard white coffee to accompany. 

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Experimental healthy meal. 

Recently I’ve really been living the student life with regards to food. I have been living by the method of buying lots of veggies, choosing a protein like tuna, chicken etc, choosing a carb (usually rice), then just adding herbs spices, oil or whatever paste I have available to add flavour and basically chucking it all in a pan.

Pictured above is one of these notorious meals made of a bunch of veggies – pepper, onion, brocilli and carrot – tuna, sun flower oil, Thai green curry paste, milk and brown rice. I also topped with some feta.

I have to say this was delicious. I think experimental meals like this are the best and would recommend them within reason of ingredients that go well together of course! 

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Home Workout. 

Here’s the workout I am doing quite often at the moment due to the gym being a half an hours walk away after a long day on placement. 

I do a mixture of dumb bell weighted exercises and just body weight exercises. I usually pick and choose different exercises but here’s what I did tonight (yes I know it is very leg based but I can’t get enough of leg work!):

Light jog on the spot for one minute. 

3x 30 seconds of burpees

3×30 seconds squat jumps

2×10 dumb bell weighted squats

10x dumb bell weighted squat holds for 20 seconds 

10 dumb bell curls

10 tricep pull backs 

10 dumb bell seated rows 

10 dumb bell bent over rows 

10 body weighted donkey kicks on each leg

10 press ups

10 dumb bell weighted sit ups

3 planks for as long as you can hold.