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A healthier burger meal.

Summer means more burgers and salad.

Burgers are definitely one of my downfalls when I eat out. I can gobble down 1000kcal before I know it in just one meal!

I was really craving a beef burger tonight so made my own healthier version of the restaurant meal by removing the chips or fries and filling my plate up with salad.

I used a Sainsburys taste the difference beef burger (fried in sunflower oil) in a wholemeal bun with some light mayonnaise and salad. The side salad was made from a bag of mixed salad, half an avacado and a few cherry tomatoes, delicious! 

Marcos for this meal:


29g CHO

58g Fat

37g Protein 

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Fast Paced Workout Playlist.


I’ve always found it quite funny that the songs that get me motivated to exercise are also songs I like to rave to at the weekend.

These are the songs I am loving at the moment to do any fast paced exercise too so mostly cardio like running and HIIT sessions. I tend to use similar songs for lifting weights but sometimes feel some slower paced dance music, or going with my true love deep down of indie music suits it better.

There’s nothing like the right beat to keep you paced when running, or getting you to push the pace up when that beat drops! I especially find this when running on the treadmill, if the music gets faster paced then I’ll put up the speed  on the treadmill and keep in time with whatever track I’m listening too

Each individual is different though some people may prefer to run outside and just be surrounded by the sound of nature. It’s up to you but I for one really feel that music helps me get through my workouts. 

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Exercise of the month: Tricep dips.

There are lots of different exercises you can do for the triceps especially if you compare with biceps, dips are just one of the exercises I like to do.

I carry them out by placing a 10kg plate on my lap whilst sitting on a step, then bring your bum off the step and forward of the step, support yourself by having your palms on the step behind you with your elbows facing  back. Dip your bum until it’s almost at the floor and bring back up.

Repeat this for as many reps as you want, I’d say try 10-15 reps. I usually do 2/3 sets of 10-15 reps.

There are variations to this exercise too depending on how much you want to push yourself. You can just do it body weight without a plate, adding pulses makes it slightly harder.

Have fun trying this out!

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Mad about Pesto

Pesto is a food I am obsessed with. When I buy a jar I eat it with almost everything for lunch and dinner. I’m sad to say I have just reached the end of the jar but had this delicious meal with the remaining portion:

Chicken and vegetable pesto pasta.

1tspn olive oil 

1 chicken breast 

1/2 courgette 

1/4 onion 

1/4 red pepper

Handful of spinach 

A few cherry tomatoes 

100g wholemeal pasta 

3tspns green pesto 

Fry the chicken in the oil, add the veg then the pesto. Boil the pasta separately then mix together. 


Carbs 42g

Fat 15g

Protein 49g